Damaka's patented Amadeo® solution enables employers to unify their workforce.

Enterprises want and need secure, mobile-ready communication and collaboration platforms. Existing Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solutions are clunky, unfriendly for IT, difficult to manage, and expensive. The productivity of today's global and mobile workforce is hindered by the tools available to communicate and collaborate, which lack support for mobile devices and lack interoperability with other UCC solutions.

Amadeo allows enterprises to embrace UCC and to expand the reach of any existing UCC deployment to mobile devices. Amadeo is Damaka's patented flagship UCC solution that delivers cross-platform secure and encrypted messaging, audio & video conferencing, and collaboration in a single product. It is available for on-premise deployment or as a cloud hosted solution, Amadeo Cloud.

Damaka also provides mobile clients and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for an in-app experience.

Support a mobile workforce, turn smartphones and tablets into portable meeting centers
Support a mobile workforce, turn smartphones and tablets into portable meeting centers

Amadeo is Universal

Improve productivity and efficiency
Break the boundaries of traditional communication and collaboration. No matter how small or large a business, today's workforce can be distributed both domestically and internationally. Having effective and meaningful meetings or methods for communication and collaboration can be difficult when dealing with time zones, the different roles of personnel, and with partners who have their own communication solutions. Using the Amadeo platform, employees can create and attend meetings on the go with their mobile devices. Amadeo allows for real time escalation and de-escalation of a call/meeting.

Unleash the true potential of UCC within your organization with Damaka's patented Amadeo Solution.
Amadeo's Peer-to-Peer hybrid architecture allows customers to reduce TCO with fast deployment and minimal maintenance. Amadeo improves organizational efficiency and productivity with secure streamlined communications and collaboration across desktop and mobile platforms.

  • User experience - Consistent user experience across all devices - iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows with Modalities (escalation/de-escalation of features and people)
  • Mobility - Complete UCC functionality available on mobile devices on-par with desktop clients, optimized for WiFi/3G/4G/LTE including patented Sweeping® technology (device/network handoff)
  • Interoperability - Support for legacy voice/video systems. Support for H.323/VCS/PBX systems. Integration with Microsoft® Lync®. Federated meetings with Microsoft® Lync®, Cisco® WebEx®, IBM® Sametime®, Google® Hangouts, Polycom®/Tandberg® and more.
  • Deployment - Available in On-Prem and in the Cloud (public/private/hybrid). Simplistic provisioning using a clear/concise provisioning tool to get off the ground in minutes with a PBX and MCU bundled in.
  • Industry Coverage - Solution suitable for all Industry verticals

    This gives IT unparalleled flexibility in catering to all facets of corporate UCC needs including security & mobility. Amadeo includes patented features such as Sweeping®, Parallel Edits, TabShare, SmartShare, PBX functionalities, a full-featured MCU, Connectivity to legacy room-based video endpoints & H.323 terminals, and joining WebEx®/Lync® meetings. Amadeo is the only company in the world to offer a full featured mobile client, native federation with Microsoft® Lync®, and spontaneous federation with Cisco® WebEx®, IBM® Sametime®, and Cisco® Tandberg® & Polycom®.

    Amadeo comprehensive feature list

    Amadeo in the Cloud