Parallel Edits™

Parallel Edits™ is a process of seamlessly editing documents during a desktop/application sharing session in parallel by multiple users during a conference/meeting.

We all have attended meetings and shared documents for editing. And we spend a majority of time trying to manage the editing of documents by multiple users and it is not a pleasant experience.

Parallel Edits technology will allow you to perform parallel editing without the hassle of managing who should control the editing of the document. With Damaka technology, setup a meeting, start the sharing session, enable parallel editing.

Now sit back and relax while the Damaka Parallel Edits technology (first company in the world to offer this since 2012) handles the editing for you in parallel without the hassle to manage your users for the best-in-class sharing experience.

Illustration of Parallel Edits:


Illustration of Parallel Edits