Service Providers

Damaka's patented Amadeo® solution is a secure system agnostic Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) platform for service providers and enterprises to deliver UCC services.

Over the last few years we have seen a rapid growth in cloud services. Enterprises have been systematically offloading server rooms and services to the cloud to reduce maintenance and cost. Communications and collaboration is the next wave of services that can be monetized by service providers leveraging their existing and future investments in their infrastructure by expanding their portfolio with a UCCaaS offering (VAS). Amadeo is a secure carrier grade technology well suited for such an offering. It can be used to deliver communications and collaboration features such as messaging, IP/PBX telephony, audio and video conferencing, meetings, audio and video streaming, file sharing, application sharing, and whiteboarding.

Service Providers

If you resell business solutions to your customers, then Amadeo is for you. Partner with Damaka to offer your customers a secure and complete enterprise UCC system in the cloud that meets the needs of businesses of all sizes from SMBs to large enterprises. As an Authorized Amadeo Channel Partner, you can sell Damaka's Amadeo Cloud solution, the only product on the market to offer Universal UCC®. Give your customers the full feature set of UCC on all major platforms (iOS/Android/Mac/Linux/Windows) of their choice all bundled into one affordable monthly/annual cost.

Who is Amadeo distribution for ?

  • Value Added Resellers (VARs) currently delivering communications products and services to their customer base looking to expand their product offering
  • Service providers looking to offer a UCC solution whether on-prem or in the cloud with multi-tenant support
  • IP PBX and VoIP resellers/integrators looking to upgrade their current offering to a complete UCC solution, either by integration of Amadeo or by replacing existing solutions with Amadeo

Why Amadeo ?

Damaka's solutions are available to all businesses, from large Fortune 500 companies to small and medium businesses including Service Providers. On-premise deployment of Amadeo serves the needs of complete IT oversight for organizations (including defense & government sectors) while the economical Amadeo cloud offering solves the needs of reduced IT cost by minimizing the need for a large IT staff and decreasing maintenance.

Fast Deployment
Amadeo has an efficient and easy to use management portal to create, provision and assign accounts and users. This significantly reduces turnaround time for deployment and interoperability testing. Products can be delivered to market faster and service providers can yield a higher ROI.

Fully customizable
Service providers can host and manage their own UCCaaS service. Operators can determine the level of service for their offerings by picking and choosing features and UCC modules to offer.

Amadeo is a secure solution with end-to-end encryption adhering to industry standards. In addition, with Amadeo's patented Secure+ offering, providers can offer multi-way revolving encryption with deterministic back off, multi-directional encryption with autonomous key generation in real time, and dynamic certificate based replay protection.

Interoperates with Existing UC/UCC Platforms
Amadeo offers interoperability using Universal UCC®, a major feature sought after by users. Existing platforms such as Microsoft® Lync®, IBM® Sametime®, or Cisco® WebEx® can be incorporated into deployments. Customers can also interact with partners of other solutions using Amadeo.

Network Neutral
Amadeo is neutral to network choice and enables easy integration to any service provider network: WiFi, 3G, 4G/LTE. Service providers have control over QoS.

Bandwidth Optimized
Amadeo's unique architecture offers optimized bandwidth utilization of the underlying network infrastructure.