Smart Share™ / Tab Share™

Smart Share™ / Tab Share™ is a process of seamlessly sharing your mobile device (Smart Phone or Tablet) screen for collaborating and also remotely controlling the mobile device.

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our business processes. Imagine you are a Store Manager managing inventory of a Store and you are engaged in a active session with your Supervisor. How do you show the Data visible on the mobile device with your Supervisor?

Smart Share/Tab Share technology (first company in the world to offer this since 2011) will now allow you to share your mobile device screen as part of the existing active session including audio/video/instant messaging. Your supervisor can now view the data directly and control/modify your data on your mobile device. You do not need multiple apps to achieve this experience.

Using this technology, experience the next generation of mobile collaboration with improved efficiency and best-in-class mobile experience.

Illustration of Smart Share / Tab Share:

Illustration of Smart Share/Tab Share
Illustration of Smart Share/Tab Share