Press Releases

May 21, 2015
Damaka® Amadeo® Brings a Rich 'UCC Experience for the Living Room™' on Android TV

May 13, 2015
Damaka® introduces the Nirvana™ WebRTC Gateway with Video conferencing & interoperability

Sep 10, 2014
Damaka® Introduces AmLy™ Federation Gateway for Microsoft® Lync®

Jul 08, 2014
Damaka Introduces Amadeo Cloud™ UCC Service for Small to Medium Size Businesses

Jun 02, 2014
Damaka Integrates Its Amadeo™ Universal UCC™ Platform to Google™ Hangouts™

Mar 17, 2014
Damaka introduces Universal UCC™ for Enterprises and Service Providers

Aug 28, 2013
Enterprise Mobile application developers can now deliver In-App Mobile UCC experience for Microsoft® Lync® using Damaka® Xavy™ SDK

Aug 27, 2013
Damaka® launches Twinkle™ SDK and Twinkle™ Service to deliver In-App Mobile UC & VoIP calling experience

Jul 26, 2013
Enterprise Mobile application developers can now deliver In-App Mobile UCC experience for IBM® Sametime® using Damaka® Xime™ SDK

Mar 20, 2013
Mobile developers can now build Custom Apps using Damaka® Xabr™ SDK for integrating into Cisco®'s Jabber®, CallManager & Telepresence

Mar 01, 2013
Damaka Xabr™ for Cisco® UC Products Now Available in the Apple App Store℠ and Google Play™

Mar 01, 2013
Damaka Xavy™ for Microsoft Lync® 2013, 2010 and OCS R2 is now available for Ubuntu® Linux

Feb 11, 2013
Damaka Xavy™ for Microsoft® OCS R2 and Lync® is Now Available in Apple® iTunes® Store and Google™ Play for No Cost

Jan 21, 2013
Damaka introduces Xabr™, a Native Mobile Video & Collaboration Client for Cisco® Jabber®, CallManager, and TelePresence

Nov 14, 2012
Damaka extends, Xime™, world's first mobile video client for IBM® Sametime® to include Meetings and Collaboration

Oct 09, 2012
Symantec Helps Businesses Accelerate Mobile Adoption by Enabling Developers to Build Trusted Enterprise Ready Apps

Aug 17, 2012
Damaka Joins Microsoft Partner Network as an Independent Software Vendor and Highlights Xavy™ for iPad®

Jun 04, 2012
Damaka introduces Xavy Meeting™, the only native mobile client to attend Microsoft® Lync® and Office365™ Online meetings as a guest

May 04, 2012
Damaka Xime™ for IBM® Sametime® Now Available in Apple and Google Marketplace

Jan 24, 2012
Damaka introduces, Xime™, world's first mobile video client for IBM® Sametime®

Jan 03, 2012
Damaka Launches Xriz™, World's First Mobile Video Client for Asterisk® PBX in Apple® App Store and Android™ Market

Dec 23, 2011
Damaka introduces Scheduled Meeting in Xync™, the only native mobile client for Microsofts® Lync®/OCS R2

Dec 21, 2011
Microsoft® RTV and Google® VP8 Codec now available in Damaka Xync™ mobile software solution

Nov 16, 2011
damaka is now part of Alcatel-Lucent's ng Connect Program

Sep 19, 2011
Damaka introduces world's first mobile client for Microsoft® Office 365™

Aug 24, 2011
Damaka announces industry first enterprise mobile video software clients for Cisco® Tandberg video conferencing solutions in Apple® App Store and Android™ Market

Aug 12, 2011
Damaka introduces, Xync™, world's first mobile video client for Microsoft® Lync and OCS R2 (available in Apple® App Store and Android™ Market)

Jul 13, 2011
Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Damaka, Inc. for Its Pioneering Mobile Collaboration Solution That Bolsters Business Productivity and Efficiency

Mar 01, 2011
Damaka is Industry First to Bring Polycom & Cisco Tandberg Devices in Single Video Conferencing Session via its P2P Mobile Endpoints

Feb 28, 2011
Damaka is the Industry First to Bring Mobility to Microsoft Lync Platform

Jan 07, 2011
Damaka is the Industry first to bring Mobility to Microsoft OCS platform

Nov 16, 2010
Damaka Delivers Affordable HD Video Conferencing to Multiple Fixed and Mobile Endpoints

Oct 19, 2010
Damaka Introduces World's First Two-Way Federated Video Calling On The Go

Oct 18, 2010
Damaka Extends Enterprise Video Conferencing to Major Smartphones and Tablet Endpoints

Oct 06, 2010
Damaka Amadeo™ Mobile Unified Communication and Collaboration Now Available for All Major Mobile Platforms

Oct 04, 2010
Damaka Unveils Volga™ Live Streaming Video To and From Any Device on Any Network

Sep 27, 2010
Damaka Unveils Real-Time Two-Way Push-To-Video Call for Blackberry

Aug 18, 2010
Damaka Unveils Industry's First Cross Platform Video Conferencing Solution for iPhone 4

Aug 11, 2010
Government Health IT: Android gains ground as mobile health platform

Aug 04, 2010
Damaka Introduces Industry's First Multi-Party Video Conferencing for Android-Based Sprint EVO 4G

Jul 30, 2010
Damaka Appoints Paul Pandian to Executive Board

Jul 28, 2010
Damaka Extends Unrivaled Mobile Unified Communication and Collaboration Platform to BlackBerry

Jul 19, 2010
David Johnson CEO Spotlight on KRLD News Radio 1080

Jul 19, 2010
Damaka Introduces First Complete iPhone Multi-Party Video Conferencing Solution Over WiFi, 3G and 4G Networks

Jul 01, 2010
Damaka Awarded Four New Patents; Sixteen More Pending Review

Jun 22, 2010
Damaka Unveils Real-Time Mobile Collaboration and Video Conferencing for Apple iPad

Apr 01, 2010
damaka® delivers advanced Sweeping™ capability of live sessions across multiple devices over WiFi, 3G and 4G networks

Mar 11, 2010
damaka® launches live video streaming on Android and Blackberry® devices

Feb 18, 2010
damaka® offers industry's first real-time 2-way Video Calling on Apple® iPhone

Dec 01, 2009
damaka® offers real-time 2-way Video Conferencing on Google™ Android devices

Nov 30, 2009
damaka® launches Video Share and Enhanced Video Calling on Smartphones

Oct 13, 2009
damaka® offers real-time Video Calling and Application Sharing on Google™ Android

Sep 02, 2009
damaka® launches Voice Call Continuity solution

Sep 01, 2009
damaka® extends its Mobile Unified Communication & Collaboration solution to Google™ Android

Jul 13, 2009
damaka® launches video conference on Symbian OS devices

Jul 09, 2009
damaka® launches video conference on iPhone & iTouch devices

Jun 16, 2009
damaka® provides advanced features like video conferencing and Sweeping™ (Device Handoff) for Asterisk PBX on both laptop and mobile devices

May 28, 2009
damaka® delivers 'Sweeping'™ capability of live sessions (presence, IM, audio, video, collaboration) between mobile devices and laptops over Bluetooth or IR connectivity

Mar 25, 2009
damaka® extends its Mobile Unified Communication & Collaboration solution to iPhone

Feb 02, 2009
damaka® launches Industry's First Unified Communications & Collaborations application for Symbian OS based mobile devices

Aug 25, 2008
damaka® Launches Industry First Unified Communication & Collaboration Application for Mobile Devices

Mar 31, 2008
damaka® introduces Computer Telephony Interface to support Softswitch coordinated Intelligent Telephony and Office Suite Integration to streamline collaboration needs

Oct 31, 2007
damaka® names its Chairman of the board

Sep 19, 2007
damaka® launches global connectivity to SIP networks

Sep 10, 2007
Maintain Connectivity while in motion: damaka enables seamless handoff of SIP sessions between WiFi networks

Jul 27, 2007
damaka launches world's first P2P SIP based Voice, Video & IM application on mobile devices

Jun 20, 2007
damaka introduces an array of SIP based P2P collaborative features - Application Sharing, File Sharing and Album Sharing

Jan 29, 2007
damaka Launches World's First SIP based, P2P VoIP Software with Whiteboarding

Jan 05, 2007
damaka Launches IM Connectivity to MSN, Yahoo, AOL and Google

Dec 26, 2006
damaka Offers Video Mail with Its Peer-to-Peer VoIP Software

Oct 15, 2006
damaka Launches IPTV with its SIP Based P2P VoIP Application

Oct 13, 2006
damaka Launches World's First SIP-Based, P2P Multimedia Software with Voice Commands

Oct 08, 2006
Senior MIT Research Scientist, Dr. Andrew Lippman, joins damaka Advisory Board

Oct 05, 2006
damaka Launches Industry's First Peer-to-Peer Desktop Share

Oct 02, 2006
damaka brings Hispanic community closer together with Peer-to-Peer voice and video communication

Sep 25, 2006
Damaka Launches DialOut™ Service for PC-to-Phone Calling - Price of Phone Calls Continues to Drop

Sep 05, 2006
damaka Launches World's First Standards Based Desktop Multi-Party Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing

Jul 12, 2006
damaka's technology to help Indonesia leapfrog into the next decade. (Source: The President Post, Indonesia, July 2006)

Jun 12, 2006
damaka Launches Operator and Service Provider version of its Peer-to-Peer Personal Softswitch™

Jan 09, 2006
damaka Release 2.0 with Video (beta) launched

Feb 28, 2005
Global IP Sound Provides Superior Voice Quality in Newly-Introduced Peer-to-Peer Personal Softswitch From damaka

Feb 10, 2005
damaka launches world's first freely downloadable SIP-based innovative Peer-to-Peer Personal SoftSwitch™