How To Login To Xavy

How to configure Lync server information and login

This section briefly explains how to configure and login to Xavy.To gain access to parts of this website that contains more detailed information on Xavy, send us an email from your corporate email account, or contact your IT department.

Configuring Lync Server Information

By default Lync/OCS R2 server information is automatically discovered by Xavy. However in some installations it may become necessary to enter this information manually. To manually configure server information:

1. Launch Xavy.
2. Tap on server properties server properties icon.
3. Select Manual Configuration.
4. Enter server information provided by your IT department, or look it up from your Lync client (Tools->Options->Advanced->).
5. Select save icon to save your changes

Login to Xavy

Xavy Login screen has three fields.

1. Username
Username field requires your SIP URI credentials. This credential is similar to your email address. Ex: . In some installations, it could be your Lync Sign-in address. Ex: . Check with your IT department for more information on your SIP URI. This is a mandatory field. Do not use sip: prefix.

2. Domain\User
This field is required if you use Windows Domain Authentication to login to Lync.
Ex: DamakaXavy\UserOne . If you do not use Windows Domain Authentication to login to Lync, leave this field Blank.

3. Password
Password for your Lync credentials.