Kalisto offers a unique scalable video conferencing platform with end-to-end encryption using WebRTC based technology. Kalisto technology is primarily meant for integration into Industry verticals like Insurance, Healthcare, Financial Services, Distance learning, etc. Kalisto offers a unique platform with API and SDKs that can be integrated into existing business processes to offer secure messaging, audio/video calls and conferencing. The solution offers recording functionality and the recorded file can be consolidated and delivered to a pre-defined storage location.


Enable users to interact with each other on their mobile devices using voice, video, and messaging. Kalisto SDK for mobile & browser, and the supporting infrastructure can be integrated & consumed to securely provide a real-time communication & collaboration experience.

Users can interact from a WebRTC enabled browser (Firefox, Chrome) and mobile devices to conduct business, engage in real-time communication, and other relevant business needs.

Features available:

Use cases


Resolve issues effectively and increase operational efficiency.

Often when a serviceman is sent to assess an issue, a judgement call is made on what level a serviceman should be sent to fix the issue. If the judgement underestimates the issue, a person inexperienced in that complexity would find themselves wasting time realizing it’s beyond their capabilities and would also request a more experienced service man be sent in his/her place.

With Kalisto, whether experienced or not, that serviceman could potentially resolve the issue with the assistance of a remote expert. This would improve operational efficiency by reducing overall onsite visits and wasted visits from misjudged situations. Responsiveness could also be boosted as experts could handle more issues by remotely assisting lower level staff sent out to investigate.


Implement Telemedecine, Improve Staff Operational Efficiency, Improve Patient Care

In healthcare, the availability of trained doctors may be severely constrained. Minimizing the overall workflow for all staff is critical to keep costs down while providing effective care.

Kalisto follows HIPPA compliance and allows staff to stay connected and to make decisions remotely. Doctors can video chat with nursing staff and patients, share patient data, or review X-Rays and labs while offsite to order tests before they arrive or even make diagnoses and prescribe treatments. If a nurse is concerned about a visible condition of a patient, he/she can lookup an available doctor to make an inquiry whether or not it requires attention. From a patient’s perspective, Kalisto could be used to allow patient’s to video call their primary care physician to determine if they need to come in to be seen for an illness or affliction. This would increase overall operational efficiency by reducing unnecessary patient visits and optimize doctors’ time onsite, thus also improving patient care and reducing overall operational cost.

Financial Services

Improve the Customer Experience and reduce turn around time for decisions.

For banks and other asset management institutions, providing services to customers is a critical part of both their success and positive results for customers. Sometimes, when managing a portfolio for a client, it may be necessary to have a call and to have documents signed to approve decisions. Delays in getting the approval could cost the institution and the customer money.

By using Kalisto with customers, banks and asset management institutions can hold regular video reviews with clients at their convenience and go over charts and projections via screen sharing or document sharing. This provides an attentive and responsive experience for the customer, especially if they can have the meeting at their convenience without having to go to a specific location. When signatures and approvals are ready, the customer can digitally sign documents or provide verbal approvals which could be recorded. These recording could also prove invaluable if there is ever an issue regarding liability for a decision.

Distance Learning

Increase staff productivity, reduce budget expenses, and provide a better experience for instructors and students.

Distance learning is less expensive to support/implement and is not constrained by geographic considerations. It offers opportunities in situations where traditional education has difficulty operating. Students with scheduling or distance problems can benefit, as can employees, because distance education can be more flexible in terms of time and can be delivered virtually anywhere.

Institutions and Distance learning providers can adopt Kalisto to encourage communication and collaboration among instructor and students. Lesson plans can be discussed over conferences with participants having flexibility to attend lectures/sessions from home, on the road or onsite to increase teaching effectiveness and reduce overtime costs for staff. Kalisto technology can be integrated into any existing application to deliver seamless audio/video conferencing simulating a real-world classroom experience.



SSL encryption

SRV based service discovery

Supports Active Directory

Push notification for iOS and Android

On-prem and Cloud deployment models

Federation(On-Prem and Cloud)

  Contact Management

Add, Delete, Move contacts

Block, Unblock contacts

Accept, Reject contact invitation

Create, Delete, Rename group

Set custom picture

Delete picture



Instant Messaging

Support emoticons, alert tones

Audio and Video call

Video pause, resume

Call hold, unhold

Call mute, unmute

Call waiting

Call Recording


Conference support


Scheduled Meetings

Ad-hoc Meetings and Group Conversations

Lobby Management

Participant management

Participant modality display

Feature Escalation & De-escalation

Add participants on-the-fly

File and Document sharing


Video pause, resume

Call hold, unhold

Call mute, unmute

Recording (audio and video)


The server infrastructure is software based and can be deployed in linux based virtual machines.