Xavy is a cross platform mobile extension to Microsoft Skype for Business. Skype for Business users can now use Xavy on their mobile to connect seamlessly to their corporate network.
Xavy has been designed for intuitive end user experience. It supports the necessary protocols on the mobile device to interwork with Skype for Business infrastructure.
Xavy does not require any additional Hardware or Software to be deployed. Xavy works from inside and outside of the corporate firewall.

Mobile Video & Collaboration

With mobile video and collaboration for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, Xavy revolutionizes your Skype for Business experience.

Mobile users have access to a range of Skype for Business communication and collaboration features. Multiparty IM, audio, video, application sharing, desktop sharing, file sharing, whiteboards, and PowerPoint presentations are available to Skype for Business users. Xavy is a total software solution with no additional hardware or server configuration required for deployment.

Today's enterprise environment demands a greater degree of collaboration and mobility. Xavy enables employees to achieve high levels of efficiency, productivity, and connectivity. Xavy transforms your Skype for Business experience by offering you complete mobility. Xavy is an enterprise-grade product that operates seamlessly on a broad range of devices (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets) across WiFi and 3G/4G networks.

At the technology level, Xavy supports the same protocols as the Skype for Business clients: SIP/SIMPLE, TLSv1.0, HTTP/HTTPS, DHCP, ICE (UDP/TCP, v6/v19) , PSOM, RDP, CCCP, SRTP, SSRTP, RTCP, Exchange Web Services. For authentication, NTLM (including v128), TLS-DSK, and PIN/Cert are included. Xavy supports the following codecs: SIREN 7/14/MR licensed from Polycom(R), G.722, G.722.1, PCMU/PCMA, H.263, and RTA/RTV licensed from Microsoft.

The following features are vailable with Xavy: Real-Time Presence, Contact Management, Search, Audio/Video Calls, IM Conference, Audio/Video Conference, Feature Escalation, Participant Management, Desktop Sharing, Application Sharing, Whiteboard, File Sharing, Scheduled Meetings, Lobby Management, Federation, PSTN Calling, Media Bypass, CAC, Voicemail, MWI, Call Transfer/Call Forwarding, Activity Logs

Xavy SDK can also be integrated into existing mobile apps to provide interworking with Skype for Business.



Automatic configuration

Manual configuration

Office 365 support

NTLM authentication

TLS-DSK authentication

WLID authentication

Kerberos Authentication

MD5-Sess and SHA256-Sess

  Contact Management

Contact Card display

Add Contacts

Group Management


Contact Search

Distribution List

DND handling

Call Forwarding



Instant Messaging

Audio call & PSTN

Video call

Conference (C3P)

Feature Escalation & De-escalation

Voicemail & MWI

Participant Management

CAC & Media Bypass

Security: SRTP & SSRTP

RTA/RTV codecs

Call Redirect and Transfer

Call Park and Pickup


Simultaneous Ringing


Scheduled Meetings

Lobby Management

Program & Desktop Sharing (RDP)

Whiteboards (PSOM)

PPT Sharing

File Transfer & Sharing

Feature Escalation & De-escalation

Participant Management

Conference (C3P)


Activity Logs


Exchange Web Services Discovery

ICE v6 and v19

Federation (Public and Private)






Team dial

Session recording notification


Instant message

Audio call

Video call

Program sharing

PPT sharing


Xavy uses Skype for Business connectivity guidelines to connect with either the Edge server or Front End Server.