VCare is a Healthcare platform using WebRTC technology. VCare is extremely simple and easy to use for both providers and patients. No Download Required. VCare SDK is available for integrating VCare services into existing solutions.

Use VCare for

User Experience

Consistent user experience across all mobile devices and browsers.


Complete collaboration functionality available on mobile devices.


Easy to manage the solution with reporting tools and configurability.


All data is encrypted, sessions are anonymous, and none of the sensitive patient information is stored.

Use cases


Implement Telemedicine, Improve Staff Operational Efficiency, Improve Patient Care

In healthcare, the availability of trained doctors may be severely constrained. Minimizing the overall workflow for all staff is critical to keep costs down while providing effective care.

VCare follows HIPPA compliance and allows staff to stay connected and to make decisions remotely. Doctors can video chat with nursing staff and patients, share patient data, or review X-Rays and labs while offsite to order tests before they arrive or even make diagnoses and prescribe treatments. If a nurse is concerned about a visible condition of a patient, he/she can lookup an available doctor to make an inquiry whether or not it requires attention. From a patient's perspective, VCare could be used to allow patient's to video call their primary care physician to determine if they need to come in to be seen for an illness or affliction. This would increase overall operational efficiency by reducing unnecessary patient visits and optimize doctors' time onsite, thus also improving patient care and reducing overall operational cost.


Audio & Video Calling

Doctors can connect with patients with video and audio calls.


Doctors can use the chat feature to send messages to patients.


Doctors can share screen with patients during call and conference session.


Doctors can conference with patients and family members.

File Share

Doctors can share images, documents, videos & audios with patients during the session.

Waiting Room

Patients can join virtual waiting room.

Simple and convenient to use

VCare is simple and convenient to use. Since VCare is completely browser based, no app download is required for doctors and patients. Patients can just click on the link received via SMS/Email and join the waiting room.

Multiple devices

Access VCare from multiple devices like Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tablets. VCare supports multiple browsers.

Call Logs

Doctor can view a complete record of incoming and outgoing calls.