Collaboration SDKs

A unique next generation cloud based communications platform for integration of collaboration features into business applications. The platform allows for optimization of multitude of business workflows by integrating the collaboration SDKs in the ever changing landscape of communications-enabled business processes. Collaboration SDKs allow developers to integrate collaboration capabilities into web and mobile applications. Following features can be deployed : Messaging, Voice, Video, Screen Sharing, Collaboration, Conferencing etc. The underlying technology is backed by US and International patents.

US Patents

9027032, 9270744, 9491233, 9578092, 10387220, 10863357, 11576046





Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Ireland


Why Collaboration SDKs

SDK Experience

Consistent SDK experience across all mobile devices and browsers for building apps using Collaboration SDKs.


End-to-end security for all sessions including signaling & media.


Embed & customize the solution to support real-time communication and collaboration. Extend existing solutions with Collaboration SDKs.


Easy to manage the solution with reporting tools and configurability. Simpler, Cost effective and easier to maintain.

How it Works

With Collaboration SDKs, application developers have the freedom to create unique and innovative apps for both browser and mobile devices. The SDKs can also be integrated into existing and new business processes to achive collaboration functionalities offered by the platform.



IPv4/IPv6 support

Secure Media


Multiple device login

Call Logs

Push notifications

Contact mgmt - block, unblock, custom picture

Map view


Session based

1-1 or multiple users

Messaging Management - join, leave, remove

Participant status in a session

Messages can be removed or edited

Users can rejoin; Message history management

Typing notification

Delivery Notification - Read, Pending, Delivered


Location display

Like, dislike messages

Copy, Forward, Edit, Quote messages

Auto Delete Message

Auto Delete File

Mute group

Starred Message


1-1 audio and video calls

Add, drop video in a call

Escalate 1-1 audio and video calls to a conference

Call Transfer - standard, other registered device

Call Forward - Client, CFNA, CFB

Reply with IM

Forking support

Audio and Video call recording

Hold, Unhold

Pause, Resume video

Mute, Unmute

Call waiting

Far end camera control


1-1 & Conference screen sharing

Pause, Resume sharing

Send, Receive files in a messaging session

Delete file from a messaging session

1-1 or group WB sessions

Share ppt, doc, xls, pdf documents

Thumbnail presentation style

Presentation controls


Scheduled & ad-hoc conference


Audio and Video

Screen sharing


File Transfer

Document sharing

Video layout management

Audio and Video recording

Screen share recording

Scheduled meeting list

Lobby Management

Host Controls

Add Participant

Add, Drop video

Video Spotlight