Amadeo is a secure peer-to-peer SIP-based unified communication & collaboration solution for SMBs. Amadeo can be offered both on-prem & on cloud. Amadeo provides all the necessary components and toolsets to address Communication & Collaboration features providing a positive user experience.

Cloud UCC for SMBs

The cloud is leveling the playing field for SMBs by enabling access to the same tools, services and resources of large enterprises without a large data center investment or dedicated IT staff. Amadeo UCCaaS takes SMBs one step further by providing full featured enterprise unified communications and collaboration in the palm of their hands. Amadeo is fully customizable to business needs with the ability to pick and choose features on demand. Amadeo is cross-platform (Windows/Mac/Linux), mobile ready (iOS/Android) and is system agnostic, allowing SMBs to work with an existing communication infrastructure and to communicate and collaborate with the solutions of others.


With Amadeo, SMBs get:

User Experience

Consistent user experience with Modalities (escalation/de-escalation of features and people) across all devices - iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.


Complete desktop UCC functionality available on mobile devices, optimized for WiFi/3G/4G/LTE, & included patented features such as Sweeping® technology (device/network handoff).


Get off the ground in minutes with a clear and concise provisioning tool that makes provisioning simple, easy and suitable for all Industry verticals.

PBX Features

Get PBX and telephony features bundled into a single app to conduct business. Reuse/Replace old PBX systems and current VoIP/IP Centrex solutions.


Save money and increase efficiency by consolidating online meetings, audio and video conferencing, remote access and other features with one solution that does it all.


Amadeo is a secure solution with end-to-end encryption adhering to industry standards. In addition, Amadeo offers a patented security with multi-way revolving encryption with deterministic back off, multi-directional encryption with autonomous key generation in real time, and dynamic certificate based replay protection.



Push notification for iOS and Android

On-prem and Cloud deployment models

Federation(On-Prem and Cloud)

Multi-tenant support

  Contact Management

Add, Delete, Move contacts

Block, unblock contacts

Contact search

Federated contact search

Accept, Reject contact invitation

Contact display options - Detailed, Simplified, Status

Hide Offline contacts

Create, Delete, Rename group

Import device address book

Set custom picture

Delete picture


DND handling

Custom messages


Instant Messaging

Purge IM History

Persistent Chat

Message typing indication

Offline Messages

Instant Message timestamps

Support emoticons

Reply by IM: Audio, Video, Sharing sessions

Audio call: P2P, PBX Extensions, PSTN

Video call: P2P

Video pause/resume

Call hold, unhold

Call mute, unmute

Call waiting

Call Recording


File Transfer

File Sharing

Application Sharing

Document Sharing(ppt, xls, doc, pdf)

Desktop Sharing

Add, Remove application

Stop Sharing

Pause, resume Sharing

Application Share and desktop Share with Control

Switching between sharing sessions

Grant, Revoke Control

Sharing Conference



Screen share from mobile device


Scheduled Meetings

Ad-hoc Meetings or Group Conversation

Lobby Management

Dial-in to the meeting

Participant management

Participant modality display

Feature Escalation & De-escalation

Add participants on-the-fly

Share Desktop

Share an application

View presenter's sharing session

File and Document sharing



Video pause, resume

Call hold, unhold

Call mute, unmute

Recording (audio, video, screen share)

Lecture mode

Video layout: VAD, Grid

Screen share from mobile device


Activity Logs

Device & Network Handoff

Profile management

Location services & Maps

Provisioning portals


Initiate an extension call

PSTN call

Voicemail and MWI

Voicemail access number

Visual Voicemail

Call transfer

Call forward(with rules)

Call Park and Pickup

Call hold, unhold

Call mute, unmute

Push notification

SIP Trunk Management


MOH Customization

FindMe, FollowMe

CallerID Management

DID Management

Business Group

Support Group Services

Outgoing CallerID Block

Device provisioning

Simultaneous Ring

Dialin to Meeting

Add Phone, IP Video phone in a meeting

Audio Conference Bridge

Team dial

PBX Call Recording


a process of seamlessly handing off an active communication session between devices & networks.

You are in a video call at your office desk with another colleague. Imagine you need to step out. What happens to your video call? You have to end it. And after you are back at your desk you have to re-engage. What if you did not have to do it and can take your call on your mobile device and continue your session? Sweeping technology will allow you to do so. To continue your session, you have to simply login into your device of choice and your existing session will automatically transfer to the new device and your colleague will not know you have switched to a new device.

Handoff any live active session
A user can handoff/migrate an active session such as Presence, IM, Audio, Video, and/or Desktop/Application Sharing viewer between devices and/or networks without dropping the active session.

Device Handoff

Network Handoff

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