UCC solution for consumers with complete end-to-end encryption. It is based on the users address book on the device to conduct communication, collaboration & messaging sessions seamlessly including conferencing. Moca SDK is available for integrating Moca services into existing solutions.



Register your mobile number. Your mobile number will be used by other Moca users to reach you.


Moca server will send out a one time authentication code via SMS to your mobile number. Once the code is authenticated you can start using the application.


You can now securely send messages to other users, engage in secure audio/video calls, create groups, participate in conference calls.



IPv4/IPv6 support

Secure Media


Call Logs

Push notifications

Cloud deployment

iOS Call kit integration

iOS device logs integrated

Browser support (Chrome, Firefox)

  Contact Management

Device Address book integrated

Custom picture

Block, Hide, Mute contact

Share contact

Share location

Privacy filter

Do not disturb

Invite friends

Custom notifications

Starred messages

Status message


1-1 and Group

Group Management - join, leave, remove, delete, enable, disable

Participant status in a session

Messages can be removed or edited

Message history management

Typing notification

Delivery Notification - Read, Delivered


Hyperlink support for URLs

Like, dislike messages

Copy, Forward, Edit, Quote messages


Freehand drawing

Adding sticker to photo before sending


Blast messages

Deleting files/messages within a certain time limit

Send, Receive multimedia files

Group Host controls

Video Status

Message review

Mute group


1-1 audio and video calls

Add, drop video in a call

Escalate 1-1 audio and video calls to a conference

Hold, Unhold

Pause, Resume video

Mute, Unmute

Far end camera control

Reply with IM

Audio/Video message


Ad-hoc conference


Audio and Video

File Transfer

Video layout management

Lobby management

Hold, Unhold

Mute, Unmute

Host controls

Participant management

Video spotlight