Kalisto technology is primarily meant for integration into insurance vertical. Kalisto offers a unique platform with API and SDKs that can be integrated into existing business processes to offer secure messaging, audio/video calls and conferencing. The solution offers recording functionality.


Enable users to interact with each other on their mobile devices using voice, video, and messaging. Kalisto SDK for mobile & browser, and the supporting infrastructure can be integrated & consumed to securely provide a real-time communication & collaboration experience.

Users can interact with browsers (Firefox, Chrome) and mobile devices to conduct business, engage in real-time communication, and other relevant business needs.

Features available:

Use cases


Resolve issues effectively and increase operational efficiency.

Often when a serviceman is sent to assess an issue, a judgment call is made on what level a serviceman should be sent to fix the issue. If the judgment underestimates the issue, a person inexperienced in that complexity would find themselves wasting time realizing it's beyond their capabilities and would also request a more experienced service man be sent in his/her place.

With Kalisto, whether experienced or not, that serviceman could potentially resolve the issue with the assistance of a remote expert. This would improve operational efficiency by reducing overall onsite visits and wasted visits from misjudged situations. Responsiveness could also be boosted as experts could handle more issues by remotely assisting lower level staff sent out to investigate.