Triton is a carrier & enterprise grade collaboration platform using WebRTC technology and SIP. Triton can be offered both on-prem & on cloud with multi-tenant support. Triton is built to support single identity platform; wherein users can be reachable via a phone number, extension, email address. Triton can be integrated with any Carrier IMS/VoIP platform - UCC overlay over IMS/VoIP; providing a converged platform encompassing the benefits of both UCC and IMS/VoIP. Triton SDK is available for integrating Triton services into existing solutions.

Use Triton for

User Experience

Consistent user experience across all mobile devices and browsers.


Complete UCC functionality available on mobile devices.


Easy deployment with simplistic provisioning, scaling & redundancy.


Embed & customize the solution to support real-time communication and collaboration. Extend existing solutions with Triton SDK.


Easy to manage the solution with reporting tools and configurability.


Connect with regular phones, room-based video conferencing systems, and PSTN/Mobile network.


End-to-end security for all sessions including signaling & media.


Connect with users with other organizations (inter-company communication).

Use cases

Telecom Operators

UCC Overlay interfacing Operator IMS/VoIP network providing a converged solution for legacy telephony and UCC.

OTT Apps today are riding the networks provided by Telecom operators. Using UCC Overlay, Operators can deliver a true converged solution with QoS to end users by offering advanced UCC and telephony services effectively competing with existing OTT app providers. Consumers and Enterprises can benefit immensely from this technology where telephony calls can be answered via browser or mobile app anywhere in the world.

For example, if the user receives a call to their phone, with this technology the user can be alerted on the Triton OTT app in addition to users regular legacy phone (mobile phone or legacy PBX desk phone in the enterprise).

Additionally with the Triton OTT app, users can leverage the rich feature suite of UCC capabilities with messaging, voice, video, collaboration and conferencing capabilities.


Implement Telemedicine, Improve Staff Operational Efficiency, Improve Patient Care

In healthcare, the availability of trained doctors may be severely constrained. Minimizing the overall workflow for all staff is critical to keep costs down while providing effective care.

Triton follows HIPPA compliance and allows staff to stay connected and to make decisions remotely. Doctors can video chat with nursing staff and patients, share patient data, or review X-Rays and labs while offsite to order tests before they arrive or even make diagnoses and prescribe treatments. If a nurse is concerned about a visible condition of a patient, he/she can lookup an available doctor to make an inquiry whether or not it requires attention. From a patient's perspective, Triton could be used to allow patient's to video call their primary care physician to determine if they need to come in to be seen for an illness or affliction. This would increase overall operational efficiency by reducing unnecessary patient visits and optimize doctors' time onsite, thus also improving patient care and reducing overall operational cost.

Financial Services

Improve the Customer Experience and reduce turn around time for decisions.

For banks and other asset management institutions, providing services to customers is a critical part of both their success and positive results for customers. Sometimes, when managing a portfolio for a client, it may be necessary to have a call and to have documents signed to approve decisions. Delays in getting the approval could cost the institution and the customer money.

By using Triton with customers, banks and asset management institutions can hold regular video reviews with clients at their convenience and go over charts and projections via screen sharing or document sharing. This provides an attentive and responsive experience for the customer, especially if they can have the meeting at their convenience without having to go to a specific location. When signatures and approvals are ready, the customer can digitally sign documents or provide verbal approvals which could be recorded. These recording could also prove invaluable if there is ever an issue regarding liability for a decision.



IPv4/IPv6 support

Secure Media


Multiple device login

Call Logs

Push notifications

On-Prem & Cloud deployments

Contact mgmt - block, unblock, custom picture

Map view


Session based

1-1 or multiple users

Messaging Management - join, leave, remove

Participant status in a session

Messages can be removed or edited

Users can rejoin; Message history management

Typing notification

Delivery Notification - Read, Pending, Delivered


Hyperlink support for URLs

Location display

Like, dislike messages

Copy, Forward, Edit, Quote messages

Auto Delete Message

Auto Delete File

Mute group

Starred Message


1-1 audio and video calls

Add, drop video in a call

Merge calls

Escalate 1-1 audio and video calls to a conference

Call Transfer - standard, other registered device

Call Forward - Client, CFNA, CFB

Reply with IM

Loop detection

Forking support

Audio and Video call recording

Hold, Unhold

Pause, Resume video

Mute, Unmute

Call waiting

Far end camera control


1-1 & Conference screen sharing

Pause, Resume sharing

Send, Receive files in a messaging session

Delete file from a messaging session

1-1 or group WB sessions

Share ppt, doc, xls, pdf documents

Thumbnail presentation style

Presentation controls


Scheduled & ad-hoc conference


Audio and Video

Screen sharing


File Transfer

Document sharing

Video layout management - VAD, GRID

Audio and Video recording

Screen share recording

Scheduled meeting list

Lobby Management

Host Controls

Add Participant

Add, Drop video

Video Spotlight